QDoors and windows in architecture

A The chimney window, also known as "Yu" in ancient times, is an important building component with unique cultural meaning and aesthetic charm. It was invented and developed along with the origin of architecture. The word "window" was originally called "chimney". In the long years, the "chimney" in the wall and the sun gradually evolved into a skylight and chimney; the "chimney" also developed into a form of ventilation window and horizontal drape under the eaves.

QSurface treatment of aluminum alloy profile: powder spraying

A Paxton belongs to Xingfa aluminum's brand. Relying on Xingfa's high-end door and window brands accumulated in the aluminum industry for 35 years, Paxton has a deep and broad foundation, so that it can stand out from the rest of the world and strive for high-end products

QHow do you know which product is right for you?

A In 1851 A.D., the first World Expo was held. Paxton, with its innovative, simple, artistic combination and quick construction features, took the initiative of "Crystal Palace" to stand out from the 246 architectural design schemes provided by designers from all over the world. It is also known as one of the most successful works in previous expositions. Critics call it "Paxton" installed with "Crystal Palace" An era! Xingfa aluminum always pursues excellent quality, scientific and technological innovation, leads the direction of Chinese architectural aluminum profiles, and constantly creates the first and miracle ideas. In order to pay tribute to this "master who changes the world architectural history", the "home decoration Department" was established in 2017, and the "Paxton home decoration door and window system" was elaborately launched in 2018.

QSummer meets the cool way

A The air tightness of external doors and windows can affect the heat loss. The higher the air tightness, the less the heat exchange and the less the impact on the room temperature. As we all know, haze is known as the "invisible killer" of health, which brings great harm to human health. Doors and windows with superior air tightness can block PM2.5 particles, and also keep the indoor air fresh, creating a safer indoor work and life space.
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