Paxton home decoration door and window system is realized through "systematic" design


High air tightness, high heat resistance, high wind pressure resistance, high water tightness and high sound insulation


R & D center provides fast iteration of products to win market opportunities quickly


R & D center + unified purchase + brand overall and accurate endorsement

Home decoration service platform

Give full play to the advantages of the brand itself, expand the competitive boundary through the whole industrial chain embedded in the platform operation, and enhance the "absolute advantage" through the acquisition of "comparative advantage"

Home decoration service platform

With the development of "Xingfa aluminum" for decades, through the analysis of the characteristics of the building materials industry and the understanding of the related real estate industry, along with the improvement of the national credit system, it actively cooperates with banks and financial institutions to launch "Xingfa tangpiao" financial products.
To solve the problem of capital turnover difficulty of "high quality customers" and temporary capital liquidity shortage.