Green Residing And Smart Living

Green living intelligent life

In recent years, with the development of social life and the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, people have put forward green, health, comfort and other requirements for living space. One of the main projects is energy saving. In addition to the energy-saving structure maintained by the building wall, the performance of doors and windows is the most important area to achieve energy saving. The development team timely promotes Out of Paxton home decoration door and window system, on the basis of providing one-stop high-end customization, and actively explore the industry's intelligence, to meet people's requirements of green intelligence, energy saving and comfortable life with systematic door and window solution services!

Intelligence Creates High Quality Life

Intelligence creates high quality life

Wireless remote control

Automatic induction switch

Remote app control

Indoor air purification system

High performance doors and windows, easy to deal with bad weather

Warm love home

Scorching hot

Severe cold




High airtightness

Multi layer seal design to block the pollution of outdoor dust

High thermal insulation

According to the climate conditions of different regions, different heat insulation designs are adopted to achieve the best energy-saving cost performance.

High wind pressure resistance

The high-strength aluminum material is connected with the solid accessories, so as to resist the super typhoon and achieve the purpose of safety and reliability.

High water tightness

Adopt equal pressure principle to prevent water from typhoon and rain.

High sound insulation

The sealant strip adopts automobile level configuration, combined with high-performance glass, to give you a quiet and comfortable space.


Fluorocarbon spraying

Fluorocarbon spraying belongs to high-grade spraying process, which has excellent anti fading, anti frost, anti atmospheric pollution (acid rain, etc.) corrosion resistance, strong UV resistance, strong crack resistance, and can withstand severe weather environment, which is inferior to general coatings;

The research institute has been exposing the samples of fluorocarbon spraying and general spraying to the hot sunlight respectively, and exposed to the harsh environment of humid and salty air for 12 years, which proves that the stability and durability of fluorocarbon coating are much higher than that of general spraying. Because of its excellent characteristics, it has been paid more and more attention by the world's high-end market.


Simulated wood grain


3D pine


Paris pine


Italian gold oak


British oak


Brazil elm


Nice fruit tree

Appearance advantage

It has exquisite appearance, rich wood patterns, lifelike imitation wood effect and good visual effect, which can meet people's expectations of original ecology, return to nature, and harmonious development of human and nature.

Practical advantages

Strong applicability, suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions. Its corrosion resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance, coating adhesion and material strength and other advantages are strong.